Our History

The Flying Horse Foundation is a private charitable organization designed to advance the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of local families, children and the elderly. When asked why he had it in his heart to create the Foundation, founder Jeff Smith, said “The Foundation allows me, and others, to give back to God’s children. To touch the lives of families with children in foster care and others in need, through equine assisted learning and much more."

The vision of the Flying Horse Foundation is achieved in three primary ways.

  • The Flying Horse Foundation helps at-risk and underserved children through direct equine assisted learning. This experience helps the children build a connection and learn to trust, which translates into life lessons they can build upon for their future.

  • In-kind contributions through the use of the Ranch for other non-profit organizations whose mission aligns with ours.

  • The Flying Horse Foundation provides cash grants to community organizations that align with the Flying Horse Foundation’s mission and objectives.

There are opportunities for you, and others, to get involved. If you are interested in helping further the Flying Horse Foundation’s mission,  contact us at info@flyinghorsefoundation.org.